Produced by Reframe Theatre , Asia Premiere - Creation by Pat to YAN, the House Author of Nationaltheater Mannheim

Posthuman Condition


His keen eye for the hypocrisies and inequalities of digital modernity has made Yan one of Asia’s most sought-after playwrights.” (Frankfurt’s General Newspaper)

Technological advancements ruin humanity. 

Karmas, thus, always come before Judgment Day

Again, the law of karma applies in every dimension.

We hope technology can help us escape from karma, but it is out of control in posthuman conditions.



Frank is a low-skilled man with expertise in playing TV games living in a developed country, the Country of Isolation. He possesses a decent family life by controlling a drone at home with his invincible gaming skills to bomb other countries.


But his son is born without a buttock (It comes from a Cantonese slang/curse). He is desperate for the truth: he rewinds all the operation recordings and finds he bombed an innocent lady with a baby. His long journey of redemption begins: to visit where he bombed.


The curse and the blessing are always two sides of the same coin.


His son, Another, is cured by equipping with a cyber buttock. The side-effect is: that he will grow ten times faster than others. He also gets an exceptional talent too. Is Another the Cyborg an indication of human's future or an epic fall of technology?


We bring you to this dystopian world of technology to seek a new answer for our ever-changing world.

Posthuman condition is part 2 of A Concise History of Future, the series of 'Posthuman journey'. It investigates the human condition in the near future. Awarded in the pitching invited by the Theater Dortmund, one of the most prolific theatres in Europe, it was premiered in Schauspiel Frankfurt in 2021, and translated to German.

Playwright and Director: Yan Pat to

Performers: Peter Chan, Ceci Chan, Leung Ho Pong, Zhao Yi Yi, Lai Yuk Ching, Rico Wu, Leung Tin Chak, Eva Mak Ching Man*, Au Kai Faat, Sze Weix

Scenographer: Yuen Hon Wai

Lighting Designer: Wheel Lo

Music and Sound Designer: Eric Schlaeflin

Video Designer: Royce Ng

Costume Designer: Andrew Cheung

* With the kind permission of Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

28-29.10.2022 8pm

29-30.10.2022 3pm

香港大會堂劇院 Theatre, City Hall 


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