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Milonga Online by the Sea 

【Online Programme】

The seaside. By the forest. Evening breeze. Music. Tango. Five men and women from different parts of the city, each with different personalities and perspectives, have come together this evening to enjoy the “Milonga”, the dance party culture of the Argentine Tango.


The Argentine Tango is a charismatic dance that attracts the eyes of the world. The milonga - a combination of Tango dancing, drinking and chit chat - is a social and cultural activity widely popular in South America. People dress up according to the ambience of the party, and on their feet are shoes suitable for tango. They socialise, drink, saunter around, toast each other, chat, and when in the mood, with just a tacit eye contact, are ready to take to the dance floor. Here, no social rules are set, everything is impromptu. It is an everyday social activity among friends to enjoy beautiful moments of their leisure time together.


Audience members can choose from one of the dancers going to a milonga as the subject to follow throughout the entire journey. It is a narrative of an ordinary day and there are no gripping or dramatic turns. The fun is in the details of the happenings in the milonga and beyond. Throughout the video, there is no dialogue, only Tango music, and like Tango, the story only begins the moment the dancers encounter.


Future Project


We look forward to the prospect of exploring the potential collaboration between technology and arts companies in Hong Kong, whereas those possibilities have been created in other places in the world. We would like to ask for the Potential possibilities in future collaborations, and the challenging issues in the present moment.

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