Arts in the Future 

The series of new technology arts

As a comprehensive art, theatre has always absorbed different art forms and technologies. In the 21st century, the performances in the world have been collaborated in different technologies and new forms with companies, including interaction between humans and machines, media art using the Internet and video, and stage installations with new technologies, which have gradually changed the application of theatres. However, there are limitations of developing the communication with technology and arts in Hong Kong theatres and other art forms because of the lack of investments, foreknowledge in future arts, and creative concepts in the arts industry and the funding system. On the other hand, we recognise that there are so many professional and great technology companies in Hong Kong and they have the Potential possibility to do development in the arts.  


The "Arts in the Future" is an online video series (four episodes), which is sponsored by LCSD Hong Kong. We look forward to the prospect of exploring the potential collaboration between technology and arts companies in Hong Kong, whereas those possibilities have been created in the other places in the world. We would like to ask for the Potential possibilities in future collaborations, and the challenging issues in the present moment.


In each episode, we focus on one artist and one company which have worked together already or have a chance to do further developments. The company background and the new technology works would be presented. We also will question the company about the strategies in the future and what structure and the elements in the production she would concern.