The online interactive performance by Ghost and John.
A game where you make your own choices.

Meniscus was premiered on 1 Nov 2019 in London, a multimedia ensemble work drawing from the trauma of witnessing unfortunate happenings through the screens. Now, as the artists performed at “Meniscus” are dispersed around the world and live group shows are not possible, we are presenting you an online interactive game version of Meniscus. 


At Meniscus Going Online,  we invite you to experience moments of the works by choosing your own journey as you click on different choices and view different footages, token at different corners of the world. In the game, You could be watching them performing dance on a Scandinavian snowy field and then be listening to them telling you a story on the street of the East Asian city. Through this, we experiment with what is liveness on screen and how to present a work about screen trauma through the screens.

Let's choose the journey(s). 

《臨界Online》(Meniscus Going Online) by Ghost and John



兩位駐倫敦的香港新銳編舞Ghost and John,從IT工業與生物學範疇轉而投身舞蹈事業,並利用他們已有的知識,於2019年倫敦The Place共同開發作品《臨界》(Meniscus)。演出集合了二十六位來自不同國家人士,是一個利用身體、聲音及影像,來回應社會創傷與自身關係的作品。





17, 18 July 2020 (Fri, Sat)
1 pm, 8 pm BST