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ABOUT Felixism Creation

FELIXISM CREATION believes in the infectivity of cultural hybridity and rhizomatic curatorial frameworks, which are essential to nurturing impressive and touching artworks in the 21st century. Based in Hong Kong, our arts curation, production, scenography, illustration, writing-ups, and reviews work with institutions from Taiwan and Europe. Recently, we have been exploring and examining how technological innovations, like immersive theatre, Live Action Role Playing (LARP), XR, art in machinery and the research of holography, can bring a new experience to our audiences.  


The recent curation includes: The Audio-guided tour+AR theatre ‘A Minute Something Else Enters’ (2022), The first play in Hong Kong when all audiences with VR cases ‘Marco Polo Endgame’ (2021), Immersive theatre at Tai Kwun Heritage ‘A Poem in Jail’ (2021), Immersive theatre at Fringe Club (2021), ‘Happily Ever After Nuclear Explosion’ (The Official Programme of CINARS, 2021), Simulating online broadcasting at theatre venue ‘ Together’ (Prague Quadrennial 2019), and so on. 


We also work with tourism and commercial businesses for cultural features and illustrations, not limited to IT, banking, development properties, jewellery, etc. As a critic in residence, FELIXISM CREATION is also invited by international festivals which were Holland Festival, OzAsia Festival, Taiwan International Festival, and so on.

FELIXISM CREATION相信多元文化結合,不規則但具條理的策劃模式,是廿一世紀藝術需要的力量,以孕育出令人驚喜又觸碰人心的作品。植根香港,跨海台灣,走到歐洲,機構業務涉獵藝術策劃、製作、劇場美術、插畫、文字、評論等。當中既有自身創作,也為不同機構策展項目。近年更發展科技藝術及其他新類型藝術展演方式,包括體驗劇場、實境角色扮演(LARP)、XR互動科技、機械應用,及全息影像研究(Holography)技術等。


近年策劃項目包括︰戶外聲音導航+AR互動劇場《某種不明的東西》(2022)、香港首個全場觀眾配載VR裝置的真人+虛擬劇場《給下一輪(虛擬)盛世的備忘錄》(2021)、大館體驗劇場《有你,故我在》(2021),體驗劇場《貓與海邊的森林》(2021)、仿虛擬互動之體驗劇場《Together》(2019布拉格四年展邀約演出)、 《核爆後的快樂生活》(2019)、《未來簡史》(新視野藝術節,2016),藝穗會體驗劇場《她和他意識之流》(2018)等 。



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