ABOUT Felixism Creation

FELIXISM CREATION believes that the creation of cultural hybridity with irregular would produce surprising and touching works. Based in Hong Kong, linked with Taiwan and Europe, we are creating a collaboration platform with talented artists with different cultural backgrounds. We work together and share the creative with each other. Whereas we would not work the new things in cultural globalization which breaks down the boundaries between theatre, visual arts and text creations, but we search back from the soul of the humans, which is emerging the diversity of culture. We explore the uniqueness and love the differences with us. We, enjoy the time with creators and audiences when we create the beautiful moments in works.


FELIXISM CREATION相信,多元的藝術文化結合,不規則卻有條理的創作模式,才會孕育出更令人驚喜,又能觸碰人心的作品。植根香港,跨海台灣,走到歐洲,我們正在創造一個不同背景又同時優秀的藝術家的共享平台,一起分享,共同創作。然而,在今天劇場、繪畫甚至文字的定義與界限越來越模糊又廣闊的全球化時代,我們並沒有在世間發現更多新的東西,而是反過來回到人的深處,在不同的在地文化之間,挖掘彼此的獨特,欣賞不同的人,包括創作人與觀眾,能夠有幸在此刻共生的美好時光。