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Supported by:The Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit (MEHU) of HKU Med

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Call for Production Team : Travel through Pandemics in Hong Kong Past and Present

“Arts in the City” Scheme, Arts Development council
Supported by: The Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit (MEHU) of HKU Med, The Centre for the Humanities and Medicine, HKU, and HKU Libraries

Are you curious about how Hong Kong as a society fought the wars of pandemics in the past and present (Plague, SARS, COVID-19)? Have you always wanted to explore your talents in drama performance, theatre production and media production but don’t know where to look for such opportunity? Would you like to showcase your work of VR/AR art to the HKU community and the public?

An innovative ‘Immersive Theatre’ production is underway. The production will be using elements of story-telling, interactive drama performance, and VR/AR contents to immerse the audience in the important historical moments when pandemics hit the city, and relive the challenges and the ups and downs of life under the influence of the diseases. The performance will take place outside the traditional theatre space into the multiple real sites around the western district of Hong Kong Island. The drama performers will take the audience on a journey back to time while they explore the HKU campus and historic iconic places related to those pandemics in the western district. Thanks to the VR/AR contents, the audience would be able to relive some of the important moments in Hong Kong history when diseases ran rampant throughout the city.

If you are looking to build your extra-academic profile and learn extra generic skills of writing, acting, researching and digital content creation, now is the opportunity! Plus you will get to work with professionals on a big scale community based Immersive Theatre production and create attractive VR/AR content to introduce the fascinating stories about Hong Kong’s unique experience of pandemics to the community and overseas visitors.

We are now recruiting volunteers for the following posts:
(1) Script research team
(2) XR Team
(3) Performers (Workshop in Sep 2021 and rehearsals in Dec 2021)
(4) Backstage production team.

Tentative performance: 3-9 January 2022
No. of performances: 10 performances
No. of audiences in each show: 30

Related talks: October – December 2021

Director and Playwright: Pat To Yan (甄拔濤)

Curation and Production︰Felix Chan (陳偉基)

Co-director and Performance Workshop Tutor: Ceci Chan (陳秄沁)






If you are interested to join as volunteer for the above posts, please register with the following link: (insert registration link and QR code)

Pat To Yan

Active in Hong Kong and German Theatre. Playwright, Director, Educator. Artistic Director of Reframe Theatre. Lecturer (Dramaturgy) of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Elected Council Member and the Chairman of Literary Art of Hong Kong Arts Development Council. One of the hosts of Literature Night of RTHK TV talk show. Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in English Literature; the Chinese University of Hong Kong, MA in Sociology; Royal Holloway, University of London, MA in Playwriting (pass with distinction).


His play A Concise History of future China (the first part of Posthuman Journey) is selected by 2016 Berliner Festspiele Theatertreffen Stuckemart as one of the five theatre works presented. It is the first ethnic Chinese play ever selected and premiered in Hong Kong New Vision Festival 2016. The German Premiere was produced by The Staatsschauspiel Saarbrücken in 2021.

His recent works include A Poem in Jail (Tai Kwun, Immersive Theatre), How to present the love life of Hong Kong people to Aliens (HK premiere, Taiwan’s tour version, Pandemic version), Flow of time & Stream of consciousness (Hong Kong Fringe Club, Immersive Theatre) and Goldfish of Berlin, etc.


Felix Chan, theatre curator, illustrator and art critic based in Hong Kong, Taiwan and London. Founder of FELIXISM CREATION, a company that produces creatively and culturally hybrid work of theatre, critical writing and illustration. He has obtained his Master Degree in Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship (Theatre & Performance Pathway) at Goldsmiths University of London in 2018-19, supported by the scholarship from Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2017). He is a receiver of Award for Young Artist (Critic), Hong Kong Art Development Awards 2015 by Hong Kong Development Council. He is part of the jury panel of The Hong Kong Theatre Libre Award.


His recent theatre curations (selected): Together, a digital immersive theatre by Factory Irregular (Prague Quadrennial 2019); Happily ever after nuclear explosion (2019), Goldfish of Berlin (2019) and A Concise History of Future (New Vision Arts Festival 2016) by Reframe Theatre; Stream of Consciousness (2018), an immersive theatre by Fringe Club; The Nether (2017) by Papika Studio; Between In and Out (2017), Mobius Strip Theatre; Somewhere out there (2016) by Taiwan National Theatre, The sorrow of young Yat Sum (2016) by International Arts Carnival and so on.


Graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2012 (BFA(Hons), Major in Acting), Cecilia was being awarded as Award for Young Artist (Drama) by The 15th Hong Kong Arts Development
Awards, Actor/Actress of the Year (2017) by International Association of Theatre Critics (HK) and Distinct Actress by the 10th Hong Kong Theatre Libre (Cecile in Quai Quest); Cecilia also being nominated as The Best Actress in Leading Role (Evelyn in The Shape of Things) by the 6th Hong Kong Theatre Libre.


Recent performances include: The Plague by Hong Kong Arts Festival; The Unforgettable Chapter by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre; Ballads of Expulsion, Quai Ouest (Hong Kong and France tour), The Second Year of Jianfeng, The Attic, Electronic City (Hong Kong and Beijing Re-run), The Ugly One (Hong Kong and Macau Re-run) by On & On Theatre; Goldfish of Berlin, Stream of Consciousness by Reframe Theatre; The Histories and their Lovers by Reframe Theatre X Felixism Creation.


Cecilia is now the founder of K.O.The Box, freelance actress and drama tutor.

What is Immersive Theatre?

Unlike those traditional theatres, immersive theatre focuses on how the creatives interact with the audiences with the story. Popular in Europe and America, immersive theatre lets audiences explores the pre-set space and indulge in performance through five senses, including visual, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Performers are not the only storytellers in a show. Audiences can create their journey in the performance. 

Our main team members studied in the UK, where is prevalent with immersive theatres. They created several immersive theatres in Hong Kong, including Flow of Time and Stream of Consciousness in 2017-2018 at Fringe Club, Cats and Coastal Forest and A Poem in Jail in 2021. 

For our upcoming co-operation with The Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit (MEHU) of HKU Med, our team create a journey to explore how the people survive from loneliness through strolling in HKU and nearby historical heritages.

Our latest immersive theatres (selected): 


Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

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