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想像力研究所2023 –表演藝術實驗試作提案徵集

Performing Institute of imagination 2023 - Call for Proposals: Brewing Performing Arts with Experimental Ideas


Call for Experimental Proposals:

  • Awardees will receive project subsides capped at HKD $60,000 to complete the proposal

  • In-progress experimental showcase

  • Potential selected proposals may be invited to develop into a complete performance

(1) Objectives:

Building on the achievements of the first year, "Institute of Imagination" brings new resources and creative opportunities to the performing arts community, showcasing greater possibilities. The project aims to recruit more promising innovative artists and provide funding for experimental projects that are still in the trial stage and seeking breakthroughs. It aims to gather and showcase the results of these experiments, paving the way for better development of future works.

Drawing on a year of production experience, the team hopes to provide more openness and flexibility in the curatorial and production scope, allowing participating groups to have unlimited imagination and break free from constraints. Therefore, this round of applications will no longer be limited to the field of arts and technology. Just like the name of the project suggests, it seeks to attract diverse and new form of performing arts creations with stronger imagination and novel creativity. Additionally, the number of successful participants will increase from 2 teams to 3 teams, benefiting more interesting and vibrant groups.

In line with the "Institute of Imagination" core philosophy of emphasizing the creative process rather than solely focusing on the final performance outcomes, this project will only offer one-week for set-up, rehearsal and showcase for the selected groups. This approach allows applicants to approach their creative endeavors with greater flexibility and concentration, enabling them to fully realize their artistic visions throughout this project. The goal is to establish an open and supportive environment for experimentation, where artists can concentrate on nurturing new ideas and solidifying their creative production directions. Through this process, the project aims to invigorate and transform artistic concepts, achieve significant milestones, cultivate interdisciplinary and comprehensive perspectives, and ultimately pave the way for the complete artistic creations in the future.

(2) Plan Content:

This project will involve an open call. Participants must submit a research plan pertaining to elements of new forms of performing arts, whether conceptual or methodological, and its ultimate relation to performing arts. The definition of innovation is broad and with no specific limitations. It can represent new experiments or attempts for the artists, or breakthroughs in content or form within the works. Applicants must explain their definition of innovation and the creative elements of their proposed works in the application form. The selected proposals will finally be presented in the format of an work-in-progress showcase. Performers must be involved in the showcase, and they can perform live or through other means of performance.

(3) Funding plan:

  • The jury will select three proposals among the applications. The selected individual or team will be receiving:

  • At most HKD$60,000 for data collection, creation, presentation and production costs for the “in-progress experimental showcase” (including artist fee, administration and technical support, stage design, lighting, sound, etc.);

  • The organizers will provide partial technical and stage assistance;

  • An approximately 20-minute “in-progress experimental showcase” and a post-performance discussion (the experimental showcase will be a ticketed event with audience, with the profits of ticket sales going to the presenter); and

  • If the “in-progress experimental showcase” is innovative and can be further executed, the creator(s) may receive an invitation to develop it into a full performance.

(4) Application Eligibility:

  • Individual or group applications are accepted;

  • The applicant must be a Hong Kong resident of at least 18 years of age with a Hong Kong Identity Card;

  • If applying as a group, one primary member must act as the applicant;

  • The applicant can participate simultaneously under individual and group identities, under the condition that only one proposal can be submitted under each identity;

  • The proposal must include, and the ‘in-progress experimental showcase’ must express how to create a new form of performing arts;

  • The definition of ‘new form’ is left open to the interpretation of the participant(s);

  • The plan aims to provide developmental opportunities for under-resourced persons or groups; as such, those persons / groups and affiliated employees currently receiving the Leisure and Cultural Services Department Venue Partnership Scheme, Culture Sports and Tourism Bureau Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme, or the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Year Grant, as well as employees of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, will not be considered; Persons or groups who have not previously received long-term financial support will be given priority for consideration.

(5) Methods:

  • Applications will be accepted from 31 October, 2023 to 24November, 2023;

  • Submission Deadline: 11:59pm on 24November, 2023;

  • Only online applications will be accepted. Please fill out the submission form and budget, and complete all the necessary procedures;

  • Each application can only include a proposal of up to 4 pages (participant resumes as well as financial budgets are not counted towards this total). The proposal file must be Word or PDF, with a paper size of A4, 12-point font, single-spaced (1.0);

  • the proposal must be written in Chinese or English;

  • The plan contents include:

    • What “new form” means to the participant(s) ;

    • Concept and experimental methods;

    • Team structure and member introductions;

    • Budget and expense sheet;

    • Experimental presentation contents and process; and

    • Final goals and imagined blueprint for future completed product.

If video or photos are needed to assist with the explanation, please include download or viewing links in the proposal.

(6) Schedule:

  • 31 October 2023 Applications open

  • 24 November 2023 Applications close

  • Mid November to early December 2023  Preliminary evaluations, some applicants will be invited for an interview

  • Early December 2023 Results announced

  • 15 December 2023 1 Online promotion video

  • 8-14 January 2024 In-progress experimental performance, each applicant will deliver one performance and one post-performance talk

(7) Work in progress experimental Performance:

  • Presents the applicant’s concept of ‘new form’

  • 20-minute experimental work, which must include the performance / presentation of the performer

  • Each group will have one performance, one post-performance talk and a 1.5-day stage setup and rehearsal period. The first group will move-in on Tuesday and perform on Wednesday, while the second group will move-in on Thursday and perform on Friday. This pattern will continue for subsequent groups.

  • Post-performance sharing and discussion will be held

  • Venue: Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre

(8) Jury and Evaluation Criteria:

Jury Members:

May Fung, Chi Fu Lai, Wilfred Wong, Pat To Yan, Yang Yeung, and Leung Hiu Tuen

*Lee Yuen Jing has been replaced by Leung Hiu Tuen in the group

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Provocativeness and innovativeness, or be able to demonstrate breakthroughs in the applicant's artistic framework.    

  • Creative team: Diverse cultural grouping or presentation  

  • The format and content are not restricted, but the emphasis is on multi-arts or cross-boundary performance arts. Video playback will not be accepted unless the applicant provides sufficient justification for it as a new experiment or approach.

  • In-progress experimental showcase: Despite being an in-progress presentation of the entire concept, it must be an audience-facing complete performance


If any concerns arise, please feel free to inquire via email:

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